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About me

I was born in Rome, where I currently live, in 1976. My first photographic experience was during a summer holiday in 1999, when I "stole" a Yashica FX-3 to my brother. After some months I bought my first camera, a Canon Eos 50e with a cheap zoom lens, and I began to study the basic rules of photography. After more than 5 years of slide films and a wonderful Canon Eos 3, in 2005 I made the giant step towards digital photography: a Canon Eos 10D bought on Ebay was my first digital reflex.

Despite of my great love for nature, I began to dedicate my time to nature photography only in late 2006, thanks to some friends with the same passion met in internet forums.

Since then I've understood what it means to stay for hours in a cold blind during winter, waiting for the right light and the right subject. Or what it means to be covered by a camouflage net, without moving, under the hot sun of summer. These photos and these pages are the award for these sacrifices.

I hope you'll enjoy them.